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I've been DIYing... my idea was a wooden box, about book-sized, that had a light fitted to it and that therefore be slipped into a bookcase at any point. Thus bringing a certain amount of variability and customizability to the whole illumination business.

The result I view as a Mark I version, principally on account of the prominence of my crappy carpentry (perhaps if I paint it black, that might be covered up a bit). Also, I'm not 100% sure if the old, brass, picture wall-light, which I scavenged out of a box of old, household, electrical bits, is the best for this application. But I wanted to recycle stuff lying around as I didn't want to spend any money on it.

Bookshelf lamp
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Wow.... the Beardmore Inverness flying boat (1924) was equipped with masts and sails, carried in case of engine failure or running out of fuel.*

Unfortunately, it seems a truth that as soon as a technology matures, it becomes very very boring. In comparison, with historic ones, modern aircraft are large dull, utilitarian appliances, nothing more than giant washing machines.

Except, you probably see more variety in washing machines. I'm darned if I know how even the most enthusiastic plane-spotter can tell apart modern, twin-engined, mid-sized airliners.


* Hence not a completely amazing discovery to see that William Beardmore and Company were shipbuilders, before their unsuccessful flirtation with the new-fangled aviation malarkey.
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I spent Christmas Day playing with Hugin - a panorama stitcher; it works quite well.
See under cut for a panorma I took on the Athabasca glacier in Summer 07. It needs a lot of tweaking for the exposure, but I have more important things to be doing right now.

Although you don't quite have the full effect of being there unless, by a staggering coincidence, you have your computer set up in front of a powerful wind machine, connected to as industrial-sized air-chiller. For the freezing Katabatic wind, permanently blowing downhill into the valley.

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Today, we had the vague plan of going to Bordeaux. SFR wasn't working on account of her USian employers taking Thanksgiving day. A late start, and interesting diversions along the way put an end to that notion. But it is on for Sunday.

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Taken this morning, outside the Catholic Cathedral. Some random type had something to say about the LHC.

Photobucket Image Hosting

I'm trying to do the Take one picture a day thing - this is today's, obviously.

I somthimes think everybody in the world has smething to say and is pathetically desperate for it to be heard. Even by random passing strangers.

But that's what blogs are for... right?
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Last week, [livejournal.com profile] sunflowerinrain was in town and we did a 12am tour of the Norwich Elephants as she was going the next day.

The elephants were removed last weekend, but the one that was painted in safety-jacket yellow and covered in reflective strip (no. 20) made a a wacky picture which I'm sort-of proud of - the reflecive stuff and the flash freaked out the point'n'shoot camera's exposure in a perfect manner.

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I found this. I don't know whether to feel admiration for the chutzpah, or seething annoyance that yet another possible surface that daily comes under my view has been conscripted into the cause of advertising.

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On Material World, on Radio 4, they mendioned a trick for revealing subtle surface detail in an object. Multiple pictures are combined, each taken with a different, highly oblique, light source to maximise shadow.

I was playing round with that last night instead of working. I can't say it's actually worked very well, at least not as well as I expected, but the picture is interesting.

And yes, I am the kind of person who has a George III Cartwheel twopence lying about. :-/

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The interests collage meme, from [livejournal.com profile] snakey. I have no idea how the little dog came to be there, though. But it managed to find a picture for "Steam Powered Robots" < impressed >.
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I spent part of Sunday playing with the time-lapse movie feature of the camera I bought to take to Canada - you can just see the trap nearest the camera slowly re-opening.

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You may have noticed I've been off-line for a while...

Well, you see, I've been quite a busy time with one of my bikes.

Cut for big big entry and lots of pictures...

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Yesterday, to London to see the Tour de France Prologue time trial, seemingly with half a million other people with a similar idea. I don't follow the roadie scene much and take only a passing interest in the Tour. But since it was pretty much on my doorstep, there was no way I couldn't go and see what it was all about.

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Alternative London Olympic Logo

Meme in previous post... it's spreading like Ebola, but I notice it tends to show things like "Your overall weirdness is: 72 (The average level of weirdness is: 28. You are weirder than 99% of other LJers.)"

Just a little bit of self-selection going on methinks.

Feb 14th

Feb. 14th, 2007 12:28 pm
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< sigh >
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Just got the Intel Mac beta of Matlab 7 in the post. Performancewise, it does suck, even on the Core-2-Duo laptop the benchmarks are average at best. Supposedly that's down to issues that'll not effect the eventual release - some very very long for-loops, I suspect. Also, it's under X11 instead of Aqua. It smells to me like Mathworks took the Linux version and did the software equivalent of microwaving yesterday's leftoevers.

Instead of doing stuff I should be, I got sidetracked by some of the simple image processing you can do with Matlab.

Pictures under cut.

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A follow up to my 'pissed off with everything in the world' post of yesterday. On the way home, this happened to one of my bike pedals, without warning.

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That's a Crank Brothers Egg Beater SL. Yes, they do cost £85 a pair and no, that should not happen to them. Crank Brothers generally have a good reputation.

I got this pair for £50, a nice discount price, on eBay, but that means I have no original proof of purchase and can't therefore claim on the warranty.

Oh yes, my Macbook picked up a dent in the corncer on account of "Incase" neoprine slipcases being useless pieces of crap that don't do much more than protect the computer against scratches. I wish Apple made that clear when they sold me the bloody case! The only good thing is that it's going back to them anyway and I just bought a proper Samsonite rigid case so the new one won't go the same way.

< wonders what other royal bloody catastrophe is about to happen >
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My new baby has just been delivered by the stork ^D^D^D DHL bloke.

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Isn't she a pip!

< swoons >

PS - Apoligies for the dirty fingernails - I'd just been fixing my bike.


Dec. 4th, 2005 06:50 pm
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I'm alive. Though I somehow lost the habit of using LJ for the last two months. It's Sunday evening and I've come into the department to make sure a simulation I was running over the weekend actually was running (it wasn't, but I fixed it, should still have some results for Monday morning.)
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