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Heh... good post on the God botherers, and their oh-so-crystal-clear theological justification for their peculiar, never-ending obsession with oppressing gay people - Tom Harris' blog.
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Our shiny new AR future...

( currently feeling very, very Luddite )

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

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I think only three people on my f.list who have been passangers in a car whilst I was driving.

Though if they knew I sometimes thought this, I'm sure it would never happen again

Oopps. :)
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My sister let me know about this. It's why I would respond "Meh..." to anything that's ever been been said by any UK weather forcaster, ever. Especially as they insist on rattling on about -2C being "Bitterly cold".


Only Siberia was colder. Oddly, I still think I'd rather be there < shrugs >.

In other news, I took my snowboard up to the UEA campus and did a few runs on the hill there. There's a seriously steep drop that looked like it could have been fun, but the snow had been thinned out by kids sledging and I'm rather anal about my P-tex - I don't need to be paying a ski-tech to fix gouges in the base caused by stones. I'll give it a go if there's fresh snow.
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According to the Wikipedia article, a remixed version of Prisencolinensinainciusol (Adriano Celentano's gibberish "English" song) went viral in 2008.

I'd never heard of it, but for some strange reason I've seen about five links to it in the last couple of days. It could be I'm the on-line version of that Inuit, missionary settlement in Northern Canada, which was so isolated they got the Spanish flu about a year after everybody else.

Which is perhaps not a bad thing.

PS... I wants it, I want's it!
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"Fan death" is an interesting phenomena. Apparently, many Koreans believe that sleeping in a closed room with a working, electric fan can be lethal. Whether it's because the fan blows the air away from the sleeper's face, resulting in asphixiation, or it's because of hypothermia people seem to be vague. But all agree on the the danger, especially because of widespread media reports whenever a person dies in their sleep in summer, when there happens to be a fan in the bedroom.

The idea is so widespread that fans are sold with timers, so they don't remain on all night. Of course in this country it goes without saying that respectable, mainstream companies would never stoop to making a quick buck by pandering to unproven, nonsensical, idiotic beliefs.
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This project reminds me of those groups of amateur enthusiasts who take on and, on a shoestring budget, succeed at some enoromous project that a more formal organisation wouldn't touch. Like those guys who built a brand-new, main-line steam locomotive from scratch. Or those people in La Rochelle who have spent the last 15 years building a brand-new, 18th century frigate.
Picture )
Except, these people are trying to bring back to life a photographic film factory.

Most impressive.
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Oh smooth!

How to make completely sure that even a minor crash will break all eight of your fingers.

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Tracks and intensities of all tropical storms...


< loves this >

Hurricane insurance in South America is clearly the business to be in.
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This will either make you feel

(A) Annoyed because your job is so dull in comprason.
(B) Glad because your job is so dull in comparason.

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Simon Johnson (economist) says that:

  • Banks have a disproptionate degree of influence in the US government.

  • Government policy is now principally directed towards benefiting banks.

  • The remainder of the economy will go to hell in an handbasket as long as this continues.

The Quiet Coup - http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200905/imf-advice
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George Monbiot says British politics is broken, because politicians are mostly scumbags.

Hazel Blears knees him in the unmentionables for saying it...
We need people standing for office, not carping on the sidelines

Monbiot reaches for an ice axe...
Just what exactly do you stand for, Hazel Blears - except election?

It's been a while since there was such a vicious character assassantion of a serving politician in a broadsheet newspaper. Rollicking good fun.
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Today's eBay, a replica Roman ballista - link

I remember watching the TV program in which this was built - it was so funny.

A group of engineer/presenters set themselves the task of building a ballista in 10 days, on the basis that Roman military engineers with a career's worth of experience could do it. So obviously, modern people who'd never even seen one before would be able to match that feat.

At one point, an annoying bloke with stubble loudly and at length argued that a bronze plate, prominent on the original design, be omitted because he couldn't see what it did. It was and this may or may not have something to do with their ballista managing two shots before they had to stop firing - it was in danger of ripping itself apart.

The series was cancelled shortly after.
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Just in time for the recession, the $110,000 bike.


Though for some reason, they stuck on a Brooks B17 Standard saddle - which is the cheapest one in Brooks' range. They didn't even blow £20 to upgrade to a B17 Special. And it's at a wierd angle.

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Posting these links basically as a way of bookmarking them for my own reference.

Boy! I so want to do this!

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Reading Edison's Conquest of Mars (1898) ...

One year after the events of The War of the Worlds. Astronomers notice strange developments on Mars - it looks like the Martians are coming back. Presumably this time with supplies of Beecham's Powders, Benelin and other cold cures.

But not to worry! Thomas Edison has been busy reverse-engineering captured Martian war machines. He's developed an electrically propelled space-ship armed with resonant-frequency desintegrator guns. At an international congress in Washington, Queen Victoria, President McKinley, Czar Nicholas, the Japanese Mikado, Kaiser William and the Sultan of Turkey agree to stump up the cash to build a war-fleet that will take the fight to Mars, with Edison in charge and Lord Kelvin as his second in command.

Meanwhile, in England, HG Wells spits nails after reading a letter from his lawyer saying that under the then copyright laws, there's not much that can be done about it.

Possibly the world's first fanfic. Fun, in a bizarre way.
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Snerks at Cat and Girl

If you're not reading it, you should be. Damn it!
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< Snork >

The Hello Kitty AK-47
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Fast food truth v's fiction... Yum!
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"Well, there's the 'I am the omega' part..."



If you've Christian, don't click unless your faith is combined with a bizarre sense of humour. :-)


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