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I think these people are sending me a message.

"Hello, Catsmeat. We think you are a moron. Of course we know you're a decent enough person and generally well intentioned, but as you're an ordinary voter, we honestly think you're a little bit dim. Or at least, much less intelligent than we are.

This is why we selflessly try to keep the BNP off the airwaves. Because we know that, unlike us, you're honestly not capable of seeing through their nonsense for yourself - five minutes of listening to Griffith would easily make you go off to buy a copy of "Mien Kampf", then paint abusive graffiti on the local Mosque or Synagogue. After all, we're mostly educated, middle-class types and we know those things. It's quite possible you're a working class white person from a deprived, former-industrial area, so goodness knows who you'd vote for if left to make your own mind up.

We know you're not really like that. So you can see that it's in your best interests that we try to censor what you hear and see."

To me, being faced by a BNP member, scum that they are, and an Anti-Nazi protester would be a Buridan's donkey paradox - I'd do nothing because I'd be completely unable to decide who to punch in the face first.
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I've read Daily Mailish comments about the likely carnage that will be caused on our streets amongst innocent pedestrians by the imminent, mass-introduction of TEH SILENT EVIL DEATH MACHINES - aka electric cars.

Well, allow me to hope that the reliance solely on hearing to warn of traffic will, in future, carry a reasonable probability of death under the wheels of a Tesla Roadster. Because, even if that doesn't deter morons who, without warning and without looking, step off the pavement and in front of bicycles, it will at least REDUCE THEIR NUMBER!

< Still slightly shaken after getting spilled over the road this afternoon, by an imbecilic middle-aged man >
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Oh smooth!

How to make completely sure that even a minor crash will break all eight of your fingers.

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A 'nice' place in Cambridge to rent. Click the map and you see it's what... 50m from the A14 - that being a major East-West road that goes from the port of Felixstowe to roughly the centre of England, where the industrial bits tend to be found.

So... the people living in that flat would be on medication because of noise-related stress within a year? Six months, possibly?

I guess I'm struck by how this part of France is essentially silent*. I know when I return from Canada, the UK seems dank, muggy and crushingly crowded. I have a notion that this time, upon my return next week, will also feel shreekingly abrasive.

* Excepting the occasional tractor, the daily bread delivery van, birds, and hunters w. shotguns trying to do something about the birds. Though that's only on Sunday mornings. And I've not heard them myself on account of the two-foot thick stone walls.

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Journalist's How-To

How to ignite a Ross-Brand media-frenzy Mk II.

a) Wait until Sunday and Top Gear is broadcast.

b) Take careful note of the groups Jeremy Clarkson inevitably insults.

c) Ring around the representative organizations of these groups and get genetic statements of outrage.

d) Print story.

e) Look a twit as the scheme falls flat on its face as J Clarkson seems to be vastly more popular with the public than J Ross (see comments to story).

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There seems to be a law of nature that demands that every single behind-the-scenes type documentary about some large, outdoor gig must include a thirty second, time-lapse shot of about 12 hours worth of the roadies building the stage.
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Oh dear, the Firefly-Hating-Nutjob lady is still breathing

I'll not comment on the article, except to say that if this was submitted in an academic setting, her unfortunate Prof would probably handle it using a pair of tongs and with a clothes-peg on his/her nose. I never had much to do with the humanities side of things, but I imagine developing your conclusion first, then monomanically mangling the source material out of all recognition in order to get its congruence, is frowned upon.

That's irrelevent. What I was wondering was why she bothers. Lots of things infuriate and disgust me, but the notion of writing long critiques of them is burred under an immensely long list entitled "Better Things to Do" (and which includes things like "Cutting my townails"). Although I wouldn't be any good at it - I'm a bit too tolerant and with too much of a tendency to view things from a Utilitarian point of view - "I detest X. But clearly somebody likes it and who am I to judge them. Besides, if it entertains at least somebody, then it's fulfilling its correct function and what more can you ask?"

I suspect the answer lies in the claque that comments on her pronouncements. I guess we all need to feel we're good at something. If we get enough praise, we can convince ourselves of this even if the praise is patently unjustified. Perhaps the prospect of this glowing feeling, generated by some crowd that heap on attention and agreement is what prompts her to blow (what I'd guess to be) an afternoon of her life in front of a keyboard, especially if she sees little of these things in real-life.

You may think it's even more pointless to comment upon her. But I'm not good at dealing with people, at seeing the word through other eyes. Thinking about what might be really going on here is a useful exercise for me.

Anyway, the first one of these commentaries, on the pilot episode of Firefly, was greeted with outrage by the fan community. But amusement is starting to creep in. Before long, people will be looking forward to them. There'll be fan-sites devoted to her by the time she gets to 'Objects in Space', the last ever episode.
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I found this. I don't know whether to feel admiration for the chutzpah, or seething annoyance that yet another possible surface that daily comes under my view has been conscripted into the cause of advertising.

Read more... )
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Jeez, get a clue dude!

It's just that 'young lads', aka 'morons', are conditioned to be hyper-intolerant of any deviation by any person from their oh-so-narrow social norm. Actually, the jeering's got little to do with him. The simple creatures are simply displaying to each other their personal conformity to the pack identity.

Now whether _that_ is solely down to testosterone, is another manner. Though I doubt it - my observation is that going on "T" does not turn transmen into drooling idiots.

Although, interestingly, when cycling was new in the 1870's, cyclists frequently complained about being pelted with stones from young men. I think things like this were only nominally for aggressive dogs.

(Once tried unicycling - it's actually a tiny bit easier than it looks)
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Yesterday... went to the dump to dispose if the last remains of an old bike frame (sob). Went to a bike shop to look at the trainers they have and then to the library.

I saw this... it's a wonderful book. The "1001 Xxxx Before You Die" book phenomenon taken to the final absurdity. It's the "he/she who dies with the most toys, wins" philosophy set out in print for people too dorky to know what toys to get. Clink the Amazon link for some quite funny reviews.

Unfortunately, my family has fallen in with one recommendation of the book - my mother's got a Dualit toaster. Though it is going strong after nearly 20 years of use and there is something oddly satisfying about having toast made by something that's built like a Russian T34. If I had £150 lying around, I'd be tempted to get one for myself.
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Prof called off the morning meeting. So instead, I went for a swim. In 1/2 an hour's time I'll be heading for the train station.

Do other people to this? Endlessly re-run and 'rewrite' conversations in your head, even ones that have taken place or, in this case, have never taken place.

When coming through the city, a narrow street is completely blocked by a Porsche parked right in the middle. The driver is nowhere to be seen. So the conversation that would have seen you use phrases such as 'Inconsiderate moron' and 'blocking the whole street with your stupid expensive VW Beetle', never occurs. Even so, you spent most of the remaining ride to campus rehearsing it in your head.

Then, to be really meta, you spend ten lengths of your swim composing the LJ post discussing this. The next fifteen, you spend wondering why you write everything in present tense and second person.

Later... people :-)
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Here's something called the Surrendered Wives movement, as reported in (and subtly endorsed by) the Daily Mail.


To summarise, you scoop out your brain and replace it with a chip that repeatedly says "Yes, dear."

Though, oddly enough, this woman's narrative reminds me strongly of writings I've seen, written by 'slaves' engaged in 24/7 BDSM relationships. I'm sure there's more to this story than meets the eye and the Daily Mail is too dim to have spotted it.

Anyway, I would still like to:

a) Vomit.
b) Firebomb the Daily Mail's offices
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Just got into Lake Louise and I'm killing time until I can book into the Hostel at 3pm.

The trip from Jasper is via the Icefields Parkway which is incredible. Effectively, it's like they ran a two-lane highway through the Misty-Mountain-Scene-Setting shots in the Fellowship of the Ring. You expect to see four short and five tall people, standing by the side of the road, arguing which way to go. It was actually touch and go that the road would be open and the bus running as they has a two foot snow dump last night.

I guess you know the deal - mountains thousands of feet above the road, cliffs of blue glacier ice hundreds of feet high, especially round the Columbia Ice field. At points, the road climbed close to the top of the tree-line and, in exposed areas, vision became obscured by misty clouds of blown show everywhere - which made fascinating sand-dune like patterns on the ground.

The only breaks in the snow are snow and rock debris jumbles from the constant avalanches - it's interesting to see the pattern of tree growth on the mountainsides, which clearly mark out the good and bad places to grow from the sixty mile per hour hurtling wall of snow and ice point of view.

No pictures though as in this trip I'm cameraless. I thought of bringing one, but I don't really do spur of the moment purchases. I need to decide I want a camera and then to spend about a month deciding which one. The I-need-a-camera thing hasn't happened as I don't seem to do the social occasions or the trips-somewhere-interesting that are the main excuses for filling memory cards. Besides, I never bother looking at the pictures of trips I've taken in the past, nobody else ever seems very interested in looking at them so why bother? They was a guy on the bus who was bugging the hell out of me by taking pictures literally every minute - perhaps a couple of hundred over the four hour trip. Crappy compact digital shots taken from a moving bus aren't going to communicate one tenth of one percent of the experience so what was the point?

I think I prefer my memories.
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It seems there's somebody posting stuff on YouTube who has both fascist sympathies and way too much time on his hands - there seems to be dozens of these.

Dude, cool uniforms and hummable tunes notwithstanding, they really were murdering bastards and the world is infinitely better because they actually lost!

As Eddie Izzard said, Hitler clearly never played Risk - don't try to capture Asia. You never can never hold it.

< sigh >

Although, it is a catchy tune... No! No! Must stop listening! The last thing I want a Nazi propaganda ear worm!
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Can I say that whoever devised this product in time for the holiday season ^D^D^D shopping season, should be shot in the belly and left to bleed to death somewhere.

Devilshly clever though - hit small girls with the fantasy and the reality of feminity one go.
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Annoying is having to come in on a Saturday.

Annoying is finding no proper cutlery in the faculty/postgrad common room.

Annoying is having to eat your microwaved lunch of vegetable stew with a teaspoon.

< shrugs >

BTW... hurry, hurry - 10 Euros a pop so only 132 spaces are available...
Woman offers to have back tattoed in order to raise money for MacBook"

It's a novel idea, but I hate tattoos. And you'd feel soooo silly in 20 years time when the MacBook's been long junked and you're paying 10 times as much to get removed the names of everybody who paid for it. Besides, it's a fair guarentee 3/4 of the names submitted are going to be the Ivana Tinkle, Hugh Jass and Mike Rotch equivalents in languages you don't understand. Actually... thinking about it, it's only 10 euros, that's 6 pounds. What do you think? Anita Bath or Eura Snotball? It's tempting.

Amyway... the Core-Duo 2 MacBooks are set to arrive within weeks... I think I'll hold off.
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One Day in the Life of Ted from Rapid City SD


Has the world always been this screwd up and I've just not noticed?
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Are you a hard-core fan of the Deer Hunter? If so, then now you can reenact your favorite scene from the movie every morning whilst you dry your hair.


I was ambivalent about the new Star Wars movie. I would probably have seen it because there was no particular reason not to. Now, the very idea makes me feel slightly ill.


In other depressing news, the buggers are going full speed ahead with ID cards. My MP is a bit of a rebel - not the usual brain-dead lobby-fodder, only concerned with doing what the Whips tell him - so there is at least some point in writing to him about it.


Apr. 27th, 2005 04:22 pm
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I just checked my pidgon-hole for mail. Some person had tossed his bank statement into the paper recycling bin next to it.

Let's see, bank name, account number, sort code, name, address. Plus current balance so any passing identity thief can check if the account is worth pillaging.

< still agast at the stupidity of some people >

I tore it up - my good deed for the day.
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It snowed! Lot's of it in fact. I worked at home this morning, or rather, stayed at home and stripped down the rear hub of my bike wheel, fixed a foot pump then wrote some code. I went down to the dry slope and made the remarkable discovery that real-snow + dry-ski-slope is utterly crap. Who'd've guessed? I'm being ultra careful because I'm terrified of damaging my replacement board. Also, the knee I banged two weeks ago still hurts when I kneel on it. Doctor on Monday, I think.

Of course, the most amusing thing about the day was the news comments about the weather. I swear, you'd think this was a North African country that gets snow about every sixty years thanks to some bizarre meteorological freak. Actually, the efficiency they display when clearing the roads also suggests that, but I'm digressing.

When they tell you it'll get down to a "bitterly cold" -6 degrees, it reminds me of Canada. When I was there last winter, when it got as warm as -6, the TV weather bloke told people to get outside and enjoy the good weather.

< shrugs >


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