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Because giving birth obviously cuts your IQ in half - surely everybody knows that?

No wander the want employees with 'people skills'; the brainless tosspots who devised the ad certainly don't exhibit any.
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I don't now if it's the sign of being ridiculously old-fogeyish and out-of-touch. But it seems these days, the first I hear of a new social-network is when it's reported as being widely adopted by popular revolutionaries in North African countries.

I mean Audioboo - what the frick is that?
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Having fun with a OS-X app/ PrefPlane module called GeekTool. Amnongst the things it can do, is auto-run command line scripts and put the result anywhere on the screen you want. Playing with that has usefully got me back up to speed with some command line stuff.

A large screen-shot of the result is under the cut.

BTW.... I'm really not that obsessed. It's just the only wallpaper image I had to hand that had speech balloons.

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Do listen to the Radio 4 play The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble while you stil can.

Very very funny. And it probably explains the global financial system worringly well.
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Please don't expect some kind of end–of–year meme or quiz of summary of my life, as setting down something like that, then staring into it's cold face would likely make me depressed. The last one I did was several years ago, please look at that.

As a final 2010, up yours from the universe in general. The crank–arm on one of my bikes broke* without warning this afternoon in traffic, in town.

Looking on the plus side, a potential traffic catastrophe (from my POV, at least) didn't happen. Despite being left sprawling, I kept the bike upright by some miriacle and didn't disappear under the wheels of the inevitably–following–too–closely car that was behind. A further plus... a replacement crankset was easily found; JIS Square taper... check; 130mm BCD ... check; Half–price! ... ohhh nice. Admittedly, the 165mm version would've been slightly better than the 170. But 170 will do and I'm not about to spend the last evening of the year chasing one down, just for the sake of paying full RRP.

So yeah... Happy New Y., people. Good health and hope it's better than the last.

* Looking alsost eactly like this, with a combination of a light, brittle fracture and a dark, fatigure fractue
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Some people aren't safe to be around electro-luminescent wire. Seriously.
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I gained a little bit of self-insight yesterday, based on two completely unrelated incidents. I think about 90% of my actions, when interacting with people are based on recalling previous incidents. When I can't think of one such, I'm a bit flummoxed.

Incident 1: Approached by two, suit-wearing, young men with little, black name badges, who wanted to discuss Jesus with me.

What I did: Said... "Don't really believe in... mumble... mumble." Then fled as fast as possible.

What I should have done: Said... "No, thank-you. My views on Jesus are my business and I don't discuss them with strangers in the street. Besides, I find the founding story of your faith to be too bizarre and I like coffee far to much to ever even consider joining you. Now Good-Day!"

Incident 2: On top the nursery slope at the ski-club, I confronted a beginner in my class who was without a helmet. He said he'd forgotten to pick one up and asked if he could ride down to the clubhouse to get one, to save walking.

What I did: Said... "Mumble, mumble.... OK"

What I should have done: Said... "Absolutely, NO BLOODY WAY! If you get banged–up riding down and taken to hospital, and were without a helmet because I said OK, I will go from trainee-instructor to ex-trainee-instructor more–or–less instantly. You can damn-well walk down there and get a helmet!"

Now, these two "Should have done" things will now be said should those incidents recurr, although possibly with a marginal tone–down for politeness. But I only though of them a few seconds later, after I realized I'd done the wrong thing and was mentally re-running the interaction. But I'm now slightly worried that, without the backup of experience, slightly unfamiliar situation make me, by default, buckle to the other person – acquiesce to what they want, crawl to avoid giving offence or simply run away.

Not good.
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Psychology Today: The Not-So-Harmless Simple Interview Question

"What is your favorite move?"

Suppose you're a person who's more-or-less indifferent to movies? I personally view them as visual ephemera. Entertaining, but of no particular significance and really not worth the bother of re-watching. I only ever watch a film all the way through in a cinema (where a f.fwd button is unavailable) or in company (where repeatedly using it may annoy the other). Asking me which is my favorite movie I feel to be akin to asking which was my favorite bus-ticket.

I'm now wondering if I'll have to pick some movie to be my "favorite", then devise and memorise some justification for the preference (presumably the slected one ought not to involve serial killers, or be somehow derrived from the Disney Princess franchise,*) Because I wonder of reciting the first paragraph might get me labeled an oddball.

PS... This made me snigger, mainly because it reminds me of a party I was at an awful lot of parties I've been at.


* I understand The Shawshank Redemption a safe, if cliched, choice for "inspirational, life-affirming, movie"
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New wallpaper...

Steampunk–flamethrower wielding archaeologist. With a brain-in-the-jar cyborg sidekick. Just what is there not to like?

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I had a hugely exhausting, and mostly cold and wet, weekend, starting at 1pm on Saturday and ending about... well just now.

The upshot is that I just passed the second training and assessment weekend I need to be a < drum–roll > Level 1 Snowboard Instructor. I'm not one yet, mind you - I must get another 20 hours or so of lesson shadowing, find the £64 to register with BASI, pass a CRB check and do some kind of child-protection course. But that stuff is all just box-ticking.

It's not a biggie really - I'd need Level 2 if I wanted to work a season in a resort, but that is a thought.

Oh yes... I also wrecked my Nitros. So I need £150 ish for a new pair of snowboard boots. And the Gore-Tex on my old, red Burton jacket has completely disintegrated, detaching in a blizzard of small flakes like an outdoor-apparel equivalent of very–bad dandruff. So it needs replacement sooner rather than later. Plus the base on my board is looking increasingly ropey, so £375 for a new K2 Turbo-Dream is ever-so-gradually turning from "nice to have" to "need to have". Although, the thought just struck I could get some of the cash by eBaying a pair of new-with-box-hardly-used rock-climbing shoes. Since, despite enthusiastically sneering at people who buy the gear before deciding if they actually like snowboarding, I kind've once did something similar myself.

But I'll worry about all that tomorrow, hey.

< grins >
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Ohh.... I could do this.


In fact, I actually would like to do it.


And jinxed... it looks like it's gone.


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My ratings for Historical Re-enactment, by period.
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While I really like Questionable Content. I wonder if it's completely necessary every inclusion of Tai to focus on her sexuality? Whoopee... lesbian character gets to be one-dimensional token.

Today's (NSFW if your workplace dislikes a comic with rude words)

This is a niggle that, in the fullness of time, could grow into a serious annoyance.
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The return of tax farming?

Oh... that'll end well.

The New Tax Man: Big Banks and Hedge Funds Lacking Oversight, Wall Street Titans Charge Property Owners Steep Fees – and Can Seize Homes
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Oh... I so want to make one of these...


Though it'd work much better if the books were given actual titles - the right book was called The Three Musketeers, the left was The Nine Tailors and the centre one was The Twelve Caesars
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I self-nommed for DYK... and am presumptuous enough to think it has a fair chance.

I try to tell myself that doing these things is a useful exercise in research and non-fictonal writing. More likely, it's just a massive display of obsessive-compulsive anal-retentiveness.

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Looking at this project, I had an urge to go and wash my hands.

Then I thought... "Well, supposedly an attractive face is an average one, in terms of measurements. So it's a question of morphing the image towards the gender facial mean, without making the subject unrecognizable... "

Then I went back to wanting to wash my hands.
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Several weekends ago, I was in Belfast at the invitation of a friend, a UEA academic, who splits her time between there and Norwich.

Biiiiigggg posting.

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Things to so with warm, soap-bubble foam

And it just needs to be warm! There's me assuming they'd aerated the soap solution with helium or something.
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Sunday morning's pre-coffee, thought for the day.

Is there any common food animal that doesn't have negative connitations, or whose name isn't an insult?

Bovine intelligence, "You're chicken!", sheepish, sheeple*, old goat, scapegoat, piggish, "That movie's a turkey".

Only horses and (some) preditors get good PR in the animal kingdom.

* Admittedly, this portmanteau for the bulk of humanity seems to have a secondary meaning, based on the demographic that likes to use it. ie

"Hello. The writer of this comment or posting is right-wing, conspiracy theorist dingbat. You may now safely diregard everything further in the piece he (inevitably a he) has written. Thank-you."


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