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A few days ago, a friend sent me this, a clip from the BBC Nature unit.

With a little detective work on his part and a little local knowledge on mine, we worked out the location, and I mooched out there yesterday evening before sunset to take a look.

And.... well, that was an awful lot of corvidae. I don't have much to contribute as the presenter's word-pictures and the film clip's picture-pictures describe the scene more or less completely. Before sunset, the birds steadily gathered in the small copse of trees you can see, slightly south-west of the railway stationNote 1, flying in in ones or twos, or groups up to 20 or so, making a heck of a row about it. Then, about 20 minutes after sunset, when the sky was rapidly darkening, they took off in two enormous waves, flying directly over me and heading for the woodland to the east of the station to roost. There were a few stragglers, the ones who were clearly not paying attention when all the others were leaving, and the small copse of trees was empty and quiet.

I think this is one of those things to file under "Always to be remembered". I only wish my friend could have been there as he absolutely loves crows.

Note 1. Buckenham Railway station is mildly interesting for being one of the least used in the United Kingdom


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