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My life status.

I'm still working for a (reasonably big) percentage of shares of a company that (as yet) doesn't exist. So I'm therefore not getting paid. Yet I'm confident about prospects as the staff consists of two UEA Profs and an ex-UEA prof who retired early so he could sue the university over a patent rights dispute; I think there are enough brains on hand to pull this off.

We are looking to be about a year away from a sell-able product so I'm currently funding my
lifestyle by being a "job-seeker". Though I actually am one. For example, I just applied to the British Antarctic Survey for an 8 week contract to count Antarctic fur seals. Not with winter clothing and a clipboard, thankfully. But by examining aerial photographs of the South Georgia coastline and counting the 2m-long grey blobs. However, for this task, their desire for experience in CorelDraw has flummoxed me slightly as I can't even begin to imagine why that product is best suited form something which seems to require little more than an image viewer.

Of course I claimed I had said experience, on the basis that if I'm called for interview, I can learn enough CorelDraw, quickly enough to blag it. And besides, I'm getting now getting the hang of basic image recognition algorithms, so the optimal way of doing it would probably be just to spend the first week writing a Matlab script to scan the pictures automatically. Possibly the best strategy would be to mention this at the interview, and offer to do it for four-weeks-worth of the salary they're offering.

In other news, I can now to pull off a backside 180 with a reasonably degree of consistency (managed eight in a row on X-mas eve before the outcome of number nine made me wonder if there was possibly a better way of spending the evening) Unfortunately, the board grab you see at 0.28 remains on the to-do list. A snowboard lesson last night made me think I'm starting to get the hang of the whole, instructing business as some bloke who was consistently falling over, stopped falling over after I talked to him – that on its own was worth 5 minutes of smug preening.

I read all 2000 plus episodes of Girl Genius in one insanely long sitting between Christmas and New Year (recommended) and have started writing fan-fic again. Or at least, I'm attempting to finish the story that died in its tracks about five years ago, thanks to monumental writer's block. And I've nearly got Conway's Game of Life implemented on an Arduino, driving a set of 8x8 LED matrices.

All very interesting and diverse, yet re-reading this post has me wondering if "social life" is an aspect of my existence that could use attention.
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