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A couple of days ago, I had a brief, IRC conversion with somebody about old Atlases. I mentioned that I had a copy of the 1922 edition of the Times Atlas of the World, about the size of a broadsheet newspaper and the thickness of a phone book.

I bought it for £25 from a second hand book dealer a bit after the millennium. Bizarrely, I had no interest in it as a collector's item - my plan was to use have as a work of reference. I had the theory that most things would be unchanged aside from different national borders, bigger cities and African county names no longer having "British" after them in brackets. These seemed acceptable compromises given that a modern edition would be four times the price and wouldn't even begin to approach the old one's quality of printing and binding.

However, Google maps has made it redundant even as a reference and I hadn't thought about it months. But the conversation prompted me to have a poke around and see if it was worth anything.

It was then I found a filthy, desecrating, ********, ******, piece of **** dealer, who had hacked one up to sell the maps individually for framing and, from his other eBay auctions, seems to make a habit of doing this to old atlases. The antiquary in me wanted to slice him up in the same manner; although the Slytherin in me reflected that the destructive greed of dealers only serves to make my one, complete and in good condition, ever rarer and (hopefully) more valuable. I thought no more about it.

Only last night, I dreamt that somebody had done that to mine. I left it outside (I think to let it get some air) and came back to find all the maps neatly sliced out. This put me in a state of screaming outrage until I suddenly woke up.

The point of this story is that I find it utterly fascinating that something that occupied my attention for about 10 minutes is able to trigger a lengthy dream about it two nights later.

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*opens mouth -
closes mouth*

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